When Winter’s Over, You’re Left With A Dirty Home That Needs Cleaning

Posted on April 11, 2018

Pressure Washing | Men In Kilts

Winter magic is something beautiful to experience after a long, hot summer and rainy fall. Watching snow fall, snuggling up next to a fireplace with hot cocoa and making a snowman the next morning are all part of what makes winter so great. But the harsh reality is, you’re going to have a lot of problems to deal with once all the snow melts.

After a hard and dirty winter, your home’s exterior is going to take the biggest damage and will likely end up looking dirty. Also, the same goes for your windows, patio furniture, deck, and driveway, not to mention your gutters will also be blocked. All of this can create lots of places for rodents to enjoy, which paves the way for infestations and health hazards. It also makes spring cleaning a serious necessity with a need of a cleaning authority rather than a mere chore.

1. Your Gutters Are Going To Need Serious Care

It’s important to understand that the gutters play a crucial role in caring for your home. We know that they’re gross and dirty. The purpose of gutters on your home is to redirect all the snow melt/rain away so that it doesn’t cause leaks in your roof and walls. Water can not only erode your landscape and flood basements but can also rot wooden foundations.Gutter Cleaning | Men In Kilts

Another danger is that clogged gutters make ideal nesting grounds for rodents. Rodents chew holes in your roof when nesting in gutters and can access your attic and the inside of your home. But, it doesn’t end there – blocked gutters create stagnant water, which not only produces a foul odor but also acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

So, why is cleaning your gutters in the spring so important? Because if they’re uncared for, they can turn into a serious nightmare that leaves you with expensive repairs and insurance claims. Remember that cleaning your gutters only when issues appear is probably already too late because the damage is already done. Instead, it’s better to have your gutters cleaned regularly and professionally.

CALL MEN IN KILTS 1 800 777 5458. They not only can take care of your gutter cleaning needs but also can provide you with some valuable cleaning tips.

2. Wash Your Entire Home (Pressure Washing & Siding Cleaning)

Most people spend time cleaning and taking care of the insides of their homes. But, what about the outside? Keep in mind that your home is subject to the elements every single day and is ravaged by sleet, rain, wind, and snow. Your home definitely deserves some love and what better way to provide just that than to give it a wash via pressure washing?

Pressure Washing | Men In Kilts

Why wash your home and why does it have to be pressure washed, you ask? The number one and most obvious reason is – curb appeal. It’s a fact that a clean and maintained home and driveway look incredibly better than dirty ones. Washing your home thoroughly on the outside can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to sell your home. But more importantly, did you know that there are actually health reasons why it is a good idea to wash your home?

Many homes are prone to rust, mildew and mold buildups on the exterior wood, siding or brick. These can often have a greenish color to them, which is why you might have noticed green deposits of material on the outside of your home. It can be unhealthy for your family to have mold in your home, and the most common reactions include a rash, runny nose, watery eyes and wheezing.

If a family member has asthma, for example, you will greatly help maintain their quality of life by removing the mold from your home. It is important to have the outside of your home cleaned regularly to remove buildups. This is because mold and algae on your deck, driveway or patio can become a dangerous slipping hazard for kids, pets, and elderly family members.

Washing your home can also prevent rodents, bugs, and termites from getting up in your walls and destroying your home. Having your home washed by Men In Kilts professional, kilted technicians will protect your family’s safety and health, as well as create fantastic curb appeal and make your home sparkle.

CALL MEN IN KILTS 1 800 777 5458

3. Restore The Shine To Your Home’s Windows

Your windows typically end up having a terrible look as a result of harsh seasons and bad weather. It goes without saying that squeaky clean and reflective window surfaces are the cherries on top when it comes to curbing appeal and overall home appearance. This means you need to ensure there’s no disgusting grimy film on them in order to allow the sun and positive atmosphere to find their way back inside your home.

Window Cleaning | Men In Kilts

When giving your windows a thorough cleaning, the Men In Kilts technicians will also perform a thorough inspection to ensure there are no cracks, gaps or other issues on or around your windows that let the warmth out and cold in. A little love for your home today goes a long way in the future. Remember, most people in the market for buying a home make their first impression based on the exterior.

The last thing you want is to have potential buyers for your home walk away because you’ve polished and taken care of every little detail in and around your home, but have forgotten or neglected to care for your windows. Understand the importance of restoring the shine to your home’s windows after a long and cold winter and your home and wallet will thank you for it in the long run.

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Having the spark to give your home that much-needed love in the form of a thorough cleaning is awesome, but people often just don’t have the time, proper tools or energy to deal with everything by themselves. That is exactly why Men In Kilts is here – to do the cleaning for you professionally. You can consider Men In Kilts as the best cleaners in your area.

Men In Kilts offers year-round window cleaning services, gutter cleaning, commercial cleaning and house washing services. Keep in mind that we will gladly give you a hand taking care of snow removal services as well, so don’t hesitate to call us if you’re plagued by snow or blizzards in your area. Get in touch with our customer service agents today by calling 1-800-777-KILT (5458) and you’ll get a free estimate. And if you’re eager to see us in action, reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well!

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