The Ugly Fact About Hard Water Stains On Windows

Posted on March 14, 2022

Throughout the season, your windows are frequently kissed by fresh rain water. So why do they collect so much grime? Worse, why does window residue seem to remain as cloudy spots even after a good cleaning.

There are a few reasons. 

Airborne grit

There's a whole ecosystem floating outside your home. Car exhaust, smoke, pollen, and dust are a few common villains—and they all contribute to the slow oxidation buildup on your windows. 

Hard water

Nothing is quite as tough on windows as hard water—and it abounds in urban areas. Hard water has high mineral content that forms when it percolates through limestone and chalk deposits. As a result, almost all water that hasn't undergone softener treatment has elevated mineral content. So if you have an uncalibrated sprinkler system, you're spraying your windows with hard water. 

Another reason for staining on windows is by something called ‘screen burn’.  Aluminum window screens don’t rust, but when exposed to the weather, they can corrode, forming a light-colored oxide.   The deposits then move from the screen and get plastered onto the glass by wind and rain. The deposits can build up when the windows aren’t washed for several years and the screens are left in place year-round. The glass may seem smooth, but it’s actually getting etched.

Why are windows so hard to clean? 

There are a few reasons. Glass is porous, so it absorbs and can be manipulated by hard water. So when hard water or other deposits hit the surface, minerals are absorbed directly into the structure of the glass. 

Windows are difficult to clean for a more obvious reason: they are hard to reach and may only be accessible by ladder or water-fed pole. This chore becomes even more troublesome when you have to work on uneven ground or straddle landscaping.

Why should I clean my windows?

Dirty windows don't just impact curb appeal. With prolonged neglect, windows may oxidize, etch, scratch, and crack. Just as important, dirty windows block natural sunlight and reduce energy efficiency.  

If you’re a dedicated DIYer, there are many cleaning solution recipes available online. The trouble is that you use them at your own risk. That’s why we recommend calling in a professional. 

Call in a professional

We may be biased, but the truth is that your windows will never look as best they can unless you call in a professional. Men In Kilts techs are professionally trained and insured. We don't clean windows once a year—it's a daily practice for us, and we've honed our skills. 

If hard water stains exist on your windows, depending on severity, we may be able to apply a restoration process to get them looking like new again.  Ask your local Men In Kilts if they can help.

Plus, we use state-of-the-art equipment like water-fed poles that agitates the dirt from the surface and then rinses with a cutting-edge purifying system which dries crystal clear and spot-free. What's more, we use eco-friendly products that are safe for windows, people, and pets. 

We know how to negotiate heights and uneven ground—without damaging ourselves or your pristine landscaping. 

If that wasn't enough, we're just as skilled at tackling window screens. We'll clear out salt, sap, dirt, and bugs to ensure that fresh air circulates throughout your home all season. 

For help negotiating the exterior home cleaning situations you’d rather not, give us a call for a free estimate.

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