Men In Kilts Speaking at the 57th Annual BC Chamber

Posted on May 21, 2009

Men In Kilts | Nicholas Brand, Tressa Wood and Brent Hohlweg (From Left)

Men In Kilts CEO Brent Hohlweg will be a featured speaker at the upcoming BC Chamber of Commerce 57th Annual General Meeting & Conference.

The BC Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting & Conference is the premier event of the year for the business community in British Columbia.

The conference draws members from across the province, with three full days of speakers, panel discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities.

At the Annual General Meeting, delegates gather to debate those policies which will dictate the Chamber’s advocacy efforts for the following year; thus establishing, through concerted effort, the “Voice of Business in BC” in the coming months.

Located in a different host community, and tackling a different theme each year, the BC Chamber of Commerce AGM and Conference strives to cover current business trends and concerns across a wide spectrum, to meet the demands of its diverse membership and the public.

A forum for new ideas and opportunities, the AGM & Conference increases in popularity and exposure every year.

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