Men In Kilts Kicked Out Of Mall For Wearing Kilts & No Peeking Uniform?

Posted on December 16, 2012

Photo With Santa Has A Grinch Ending As Tartan Window Cleaners Get Kicked Out Of A Mall For Wearing Kilts And Their No Peeking Shirts!

"My Kilted Technicians and I were going into Willow Grove Park Mall (2500 W Moreland Rd, Willow Grove, PA) on Friday (Dec 14th) and getting our fun seasonal team picture with Santa, when the security guard at the mall kicked us out for wearing our Kilts and No Peeking shirts. The guard said that we were "offensive" and someone complained. It's unbelievable, this is pure discrimination, no one has ever had this experience in almost a decade at Men In Kilts," says Herb Madara owner of Men In Kilts Philadelphia. "We have a lot of fun doing window and exterior cleaning in our Kilts. Our customers love us. We're an honest, trusted and professional company with a strong community focus. We're just trying to put a smile in people's day."

Founder of Men In Kilts, Nicholas Brand says "We have great pride in wearing our kilts, while I'm Canadian, my father is from Aberdeen in northeast Scotland and my mother’s grandparents are Scottish. They would be very sorry to hear what happened today. Our mission at Men In Kilts is to have a Window Cleaning Franchise in every major metro but 2017, and continue putting smiles into the Kilt at a time. What harm are Herb and his Kilted Technicians doing wearing Kilts and their No Peeking shirts when going in to get a photo with Santa at the mall? I think the Grinch got the better of this security guard's Christmas after all!"

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us in support. All Kilt wearing brethren across North America are not pleased with what happened to Herb (our local Franchise Owner) and his Kilted Technicians. We believe everyone has the right to wear their kilts and have a little fun while doing so. Please join us on Facebook and show your support.

The manager of the Mall (Rudy) has called to apologize. He was very genuinely sorry, this should not have happened. Herb and his Kilted Technicians have been welcomed back. First class response, very professional....thanks Rudy for making this right. On the bright side Santa never appeared to have any issues with our Kilted Technicians... Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all your support in helping send a little Christmas cheers over to Men In Kilts in Philadelphia. Could not have done it with out you!

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