Bringing smiles to Red Deer, one kilt at a time!

Posted on August 11, 2020

Bringing smiles to Red Deer, one kilt at a time!

These friendly kilted technicians help homeowners care for gutters, siding, windows and more!

Yes, they really do wear kilts. Yes, in all kinds of weather.

“No surprise, there’s long underwear under the kilts when we’re doing snow removal in winter,” laughs Barkley Carrier, franchise owner of Men In Kilts Red Deer.

And how does Carrier feel donning the kilt when he’s cleaning windows and gutters around the city?

“I love it. It’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s great branding. And people can’t help but smile when they see us.”

Carrier worked for decades in the grocery sector and other service industries, and in 2017 he joined Men In Kilts in Calgary. His brother, Chris Carrier, is co-owner of the chain, and before long Barkley and his wife Karen were all-in in Red Deer. The Men In Kilts have worked in Red Deer since 2016, but Barkley and Karen officially took over in 2020.

Barkley enjoys using his customer service skills to help Men In Kilts clients, especially elderly homeowners who need a helping hand to stay independent.

“I really love going out and meeting new people and helping them out,” he says.

Spring jobs for the Men In Kilts

  • Window washing: The Red Deer street cleaners have been busy this spring, but their last sweep through your neighbourhood is likely complete. Now that you know your windows won’t be clouded in the sweeper’s grime, it’s safe to bring in the Men in Kilts to brighten your view. Has your storefront been closed during this temporary shut-down? Wiping the windows clean is a great way to tell the neighbourhood you’re open for business.

  • House washing: Winter road salt and sand has a way of finding its way onto your siding, and the spring is a great time for a cleanse. But house washing isn’t just about curb appeal. All that grime and mould can deteriorate house materials, so a gentle wash from a trained professional will help your investment last.
  • Clearing out the cobwebs: The Men in Kilts are happy to help inside the house too. Have you spent the last month staring at a spiderweb stuck on your ceiling fan or chandelier, high out of reach? Don’t risk your life on the ladder’s top rung just to change a lightbulb. “If we can reach it we will absolutely help out,” Carrier says. “We can clean surfaces like fireplace glass too — little things people might not realize.”

  • Gutter cleaning: The Men in Kilts get up close with the leaves and branches clogging your eavestrough, recommend solutions to prevent recurring issues, and complete minor repairs. If you’ve got spare time, a long ladder and a steady hand, you might consider doing the job yourself…until you run into a rodent nest! That’s one job best left to a professional in Scottish tartan.

  • Snow Removal: Monthly contracts available to ensure you stay warm and safe while we clear your snow.
  • Message Men In Kilts on Facebook, call 1-800-777-KILT (5458), or visit to chat with a customer service representative and schedule a free estimate. Just remember… “no peeking.”

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