A Date With The Dragons

Posted on November 16, 2016

Chris (Men In Kilts CEO) and Robyn Carrier (Chris' business partner for the past 25 years) were sitting in their living room watching the CBC hit series Dragons Den, one of their favourite shows. They had talked about it numerous times but this time they decided, it's time to face the Dragons fire. 

We've watched the Dragons Den since season one and have never missed an episode. We love the Dragons, the ideas, and the success stories. We've marveled at the failure of some of our brethren entrepreneurs, who failed to meet the mark... how could they not know their numbers?!  HA!  We came to realize it's not that they didn't know their numbers, it's the pressure of pitching to some truly remarkable people and not wanting to mess up the incredible opportunity … the Den is intense. ~ Chris Carrier

Everything fell into place perfectly. Auditions were being held in Calgary the very next weekend. They arrived and not surprisingly were nervous and excited.

When asked "How difficult was it to get on the show?" Chris says, "Pretty easy actually. I think they liked our brand. We were told 4,600 companies auditioned for season eleven. One hundred would make it in front of the Dragons with the opportunity to pitch their product or service, but only 80 would make the cut and air their episode. We feel very fortunate that we received a green light at every stage of the process."

"What took patience was the anticipation leading up to filming, not knowing if we'd be a hero or a zero", says Robyn.  "We didn't have much time to prepare but no amount of preparation could substitute for the surreal experience of the cameras rolling and the Dragons smiling back at us. We will cherish that opportunity and experience for the rest of our lifetime."

"It was cool riding up to the 10th floor of the CBC studios with our tartan-wrapped truck in a giant elevator."

Have a look behind the scenes at the preparations before the cameras roll.


What was it like to pitch to the Dragons?

"The energy in the room was awesome, right from the start. The Dragons threw their questions at us fast and furious, interrupting each other along the way. That totally knocked us off our mark, but we managed to keep it together as we pitched our story."

Through the entire process, the team at the CBC were awesome. They are great communicators, willing to work with Chris and Robyn on the perfect pitch and they followed up.

"Of course, we wished we had said this instead of that (maybe a little less sweat and nerves) but overall we're proud that we had the opportunity to pitch to the Dragons and that we faced the fire without melting."

Here are some shots from INSIDE the Den.

A Date with the Dragons

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